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CareerZOT Talk: We Are Going Back to the Office

by Kathy Seaton

Fall 2021

Kathy SeatonIt is clear that the “return to work” is upon us. For more than a year now, we have found ourselves staring at each other from our laptops and cell phones. And that certainly has impacted our emotional ability and strength to remain connected with our teams and to be enthusiastic about the day-to-day grind.

Now, the framework for building motivation amongst employees is more important than ever—and it starts from the top down. Leaders need to redefine the feelings of excitement, creativity, and the ingenuity to re-create a workplace experience that is much better and more engaging for employees than any time before.

Research conducted at MIT proves the power of motivation. According to the data, organizations with a top-quartile employee experience achieve twice the innovation, double the customer satisfaction, and 25% higher profits than organizations in the bottom quartile.

The aftermath of COVID-19 is resulting in employees wanting more—a new significance, a new meaning of contribution, and a new way of feeling valued. This is where leaders need to step up in progressive ways. Considering this, your staff might be thinking about how their motivational expectations are different. They are most likely hoping to be re-connected to the evolving goals of the organization.

“I want a say. I want to have some sense of control over what I work on and how I need to get that work done.” A leader should respond by giving an employee the right to be empowered and trusted. Employees thrive on the ability to set their own course, which will naturally support their own conceptualization of the corporate vision.

“I want a connection. I need to be engaged and feel like I belong to something greater than myself. And I have the desire to have my objectives built upon purpose and meaningful values.” Leaders must understand that it is much more significant than just dictating a mission statement to the staff. Rather, it is the deliberate consciousness to build a new reality that is derived from a heightened dedication to employee satisfaction.

“I want to be an expert. I must be effective, successful, and powerful. I wish for the opportunity for growth and continued learning.” Leaders should consider the provision of a mentor or thought-leading expert who can impact the employee’s subject matter mastery and create the possibility for upward mobility.

Motivation is something that comes from the heart. And it presents itself in many ways—compassion, affirmation, and respect. This is the time to rise up and conquer the turmoil that has changed all of us. And, indeed, it is a time to motivate a force of professionals who are asking to experience change and revolution.

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