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Must-Have Digital Skills for an Inter-Connected Future

Fall 2020

DCE offers a wide range of fall quarter courses addressing the most in-demand skill sets for 2020 and beyond.

As if there’s any doubt, we are all living in a digital world that’s increasingly driven by a burgeoning, tech-savvy workforce. Career opportunities abound — and you don’t need to be an MIT grad in Silicon Valley to succeed in today’s Digital Economy. Well-trained professionals are needed in every sector and at every level in the global marketplace, from marketing to healthcare, sales to communication and beyond. A recent (Jobs of Tomorrow) report by the World Economic Forum provides some insight: “Not every emerging job requires hard tech skills, but every emerging job does require basic tech skills such as digital literacy, web development or graphic design. Three of the jobs listed in the Jobs of Tomorrow report — cloud, engineering, and data clusters — are also among the fastest-growing overall. These disruptive tech skills are in high demand across the board.” Taking a deeper dive, Burning Glass Technologies, a leading job-market analytics firm, provides a broad overview in its special report, “The New Foundational Skills of the Digital Economy: Developing the Professionals of the Future.” Burning Glass analyzed more than 150 million job openings in the U.S. to pinpoint the skills most requested by employers.

The study revealed five key New Foundational Skills in the Digital Building Blocks category that were required in at least 50% of all job openings. And in eight “Smart Cities” (L.A., New York, Boston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Diego) it was 70%. “Digital Building Blocks require understanding of the specialized methods, programs, tools and frameworks that are most valuable and transferable in a digital world,” the Burning Glass report states. “Smart cities called for each Digital Building Block skill nearly twice as often as the nation overall, demonstrating the increased need for these skills in a more digital world.” The study further states that it’s vitally important for today’s students to develop digital skills, and the UCI DCE offers a wide range of specialized certificate programs and courses that provide the leading-edge training needed to succeed in the Digital Economy. Let’s look at a selection of fall quarter courses that directly address each of Burning Glass’ five key Digital Building Block skills.

Analyzing Data

An introductory Healthcare Analytics course lays the foundation for the Healthcare Analytics Specialized Studies program, providing a solid background in health informatics and data analytics using core technologies, giving students the tools needed to streamline 21st century healthcare, improving patient outcomes and hospital efficiency while reducing cost. A key component of the Database Management program, Introduction to SQL Programming, provides the basis for mining, analyzing, and monetizing the massive amount of data, one of the most valuable skillsets required in a range of industries. And Python for Data Analysis is for students with some experience using Python who want to learn how to import and analyze data using the popular programming language.

Computer Programming

The future is in the cloud, and Amazon Web Services Cloud Foundations offers a detailed introduction to cloud concepts, core services, applications and more. Part of the Database Management program, AWS Cloud Foundations develops the skills needed to get up and running on Amazon Web Services and prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. Looking to enter the world of the Internet of Things? The introductory Internet of Things (IoT) course is an effective launching point that takes a deep dive into enabling technologies such as IoT analytics, platforms, networks, and machine learning, helping to lay the foundation for an Internet of Things: Applications and Opportunities Specialized Studies. Likewise, the Embedded Systems Engineering Certificate Program is highlighting C Programming for Embedded Systems, addressing essential embedded language features required for systems used in many electronic devices.

Digital Security & Privacy

With the Digital Economy permeating every aspect of communications and commerce, security and privacy are more crucial — and challenging — than ever. Hackers continue to find more sophisticated ways to steal information, increasing the need for a new generation of skilled security professionals. Get a jump on the competition with the Cyber Security Certificate Program, starting with Introduction to Information Systems Security, a course covering core principles of designing, engineering and managing secure IT systems, along with important legal and liability issues. Network Security: Concepts & Technologies takes a deeper dive into networking and security architectures, analyzing real-world security problems and environments, as well as solutions and implementation.

Managing Data

Addressing one of the most essential and versatile skill sets, Effective Data Preparation is a core course in the Predictive Analytics program, designed for working adults from a wide range of professional backgrounds to develop the background needed to excel in this high-growth field. Participants learn how to understand customer needs and business processes in order to increase sales, reduce marketing costs, and improve customer retention. Data Exploration, Analytics and Visualization is the perfect introduction to the Data Science program, laying groundwork for one of the most coveted skillsets of the 21st century. Business Intelligence and the Data Warehouse Development Process prepares individuals to combine data from disparate sources into a single database and develop data models useful for business intelligence.

Software Development

Designed for those seeking a career in Web 2.0, the Full Stack Web Development program features an Advanced React course covering a range of topics including component lifecycles, portals, performance analysis, design, and security. And PHP Fundamentals addresses the popular server-side scripting language PHP, which powers hundreds of millions of websites worldwide. Designing Embedded Software Using Real-Time Operating Systems, a core course in the Device Software Engineering Specialized Studies program, allows students to tackle real-world solutions with the use of a Texas Instruments Development Kit and other materials.

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