Time to Move Around

Your purpose in attending a networking event is to connect with people, not just one or two, but at least a handful. You will find yourself in conversations that have reached their end or there is not much more to discuss. This is the time to exit and also let people from the group meet and connect with others.

Here are some ideas:

  • Smile, and say ”It was a pleasure meeting you (or you all). I hope you enjoy the remainder of the meeting/evening.” Then, walk away and start again with another group.
  • If you’re involved in a leadership role, it is acceptable to say, “It's been nice talking with you, but I need to welcome others in the room.”
  • Don’t leave someone alone. Invite them to join you at the bar, snack table, or with another group. If needed, you can then leave and seek out another group.

From the Expert

Don’t tell white lies, such as “I need to use the restroom” or “I need to make a call.” Be honest! You’re here to develop relationships.