Personal Websites

Similar to posting a blog, writing articles as a reference subject matter expert, or speaking at a seminar, personal websites are another opportunity to network and promote your personal brand. The big question is:

Do I need a personal website or
is the website just another tool?

Personal websites can be ideal for those starting a new business venture, subject-matter experts, or for those who may be interested in working for themselves.

For example:

  • Paralegals wanting to work for themselves, not for a specific law firm. 
  • Independent Educational Consultants launching a private practice.
  • Wine specialists interested in educating others.

Personal websites can be a great way to expand your brand as well as develop relationships. Your personal website should be constructed as an extension of yourself, and continue promoting your brand and passion. Follow these tips for a more effective website:

  • Connect your personal website to your other social networks.
  • Change and update any articles, references or changes in your profile on a regular basis.
  • Offer something different or a reason to open or look for your website.
  • Make your site into something more than just a contact tool; include trends, articles, or links to other sites.
  • Consider hiring a professional to assist with the design and layout; your personal website is a reflection of you!
  • Have a place for visitors to chat or make comments.