Twitter was launched in 2006 as a means for people to track what their friends are doing. Twitter has since taken off like a rocket. You can choose whose messages or tweets you want to receive, and others can choose to follow or ignore your tweets of wisdom. Twitter does not ask you to input your life story or anything close to your LinkedIn Profile. Just input the basics: who you are and why someone should listen to your tweets.

Getting Seen

You have two options in creating your tweets: you need to decide if the tweets are public or private.  If you chose private, only those in your network can see or respond to your tweets.  If you want to build a network or are looking for a job, public tweeting should be the first step.


Who you decide to tweet is more important than what you tweet about. But it’s important to understand the vocabulary of Twitter as you only have 140 characters in your tweets.

Twitter Glossary