Building Your Facebook Network

Fact: Facebook is a bit more relaxed than LinkedIn and your page should reflect the difference. Consider your page as a global billboard that showcases you as an individual, but with information about why you would be a good addition to someone’s Netbank or a great catch for a business.

Take the time to cleanup your old Facebook page. In building a professional network on Facebook, ask yourself: “Would I want my current employer or my family to see my current content and photos?” If you’re cringing, you know what to do!

As you are connecting on Facebook, others are also checking you out. It has become a fact of life that companies use the Facebook and LinkedIn sites to get a feel for prospective employees—a look that the resume cannot deliver. Many will check you out prior to any interview to see what they can learn.  

So, here’s some advice:

  • Be careful of what others put on your “wall”
  • Don’t post anything you would not want sent to your family
  • Check your privacy settings and friends frequently

From the Expert

Post a photo of yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a business photo. Maybe you and your family? You and your dog? Feature content that is relevant to how you make your living. Consider examples of current articles, papers you have written, or something about your passion. Utilize multimedia content such as samples or music that may appeal to a future employer. Use content that you have originated and don’t forget to fill out the Information tab. This is a good place for resume-type information. Remember to join some Facebook Groups as well.