LinkedIn Primer

Click through the steps to the right to learn more about setting up and using a LinkedIn account:

Not much will happen until you complete your LinkedIn Profile. There are many schools of thought on how or what should be on your Profile, but here are a few tips:

  • Post a friendly, professional photo
  • Make your email address visible
  • Write a personal tagline. That is your brand!
  • Enhance your resume. No cutting and pasting
  • Add some passion. What makes you tick?
  • Add your LinkedIn link to your resume and electronic signature

Once you complete your profile, it’s time to build your LinkedIn network. You will be prompted to Add Connections by entering email addresses and passwords. The quickest way to start a LinkedIn network is to Add Connections from your Netbank. Consider using the Add Connections link to add Colleagues/Classmates.

Time to expand your network by Creating Invitations. Don’t be tempted to invite everyone you know. Give it some thought—do you respond to mass mailings or junk mail? Make your Invitations personal. Avoid the template Invitations. Personalize it!

Time to join LinkedIn Groups. From your homepage, access the Groups Directory. Consider joining alumni groups for companies where you have worked, as well as trade groups. Can’t find a Group that seems a fit? Start your own Group, but make sure it is business related. Follow the 80/20 rule. Contribute four times as much information as you ask for. That is being a good LinkedIn citizen!

There are as many ways to work the network given the variety of people and groups with LinkedIn. But the basics are simple: working your network means being active and keeping your Profile updated. Let your network answer the question: “What are you working on?”

  • Misrepresenting yourself in your Profile
  • Inviting people to join your network without acknowledging how you know them
  • Posting non-answers in the Answers area just to get your Profile posted
  • Asking questions that have been asked previously
  • Using LinkedIn to send sales pitches
  • Ignoring or being late to respond to legitimate requests for help or connections
  • Using LinkedIn as a social directory; LinkedIn represents themselves as a network for those seeking professional connections!!