Social Networking

Social networking began as a phenomenon in 2002 with a website called Friendster. MySpace soon sprang to life and, within months, Facebook. Once we better understood the power of the internet, more adults and professionals figured out that they could network with countless people across geographies and time zones. And then came LinkedIn, the social network focused on connecting those wanting to share career expertise, experience, and their work.

The world of social networking is here to stay, and professionals who embrace networking as a valuable tool making good use of these great resources. Whether for professional enrichment or job-searching, the time is now to get started with at least one of the multitude of networking sites.

In this guide, we’ll focus on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Then we’ll take a look at another important aspect of online networking: building your web presence through personal websites.

From the Expert

When using social networking, remember these important tips:

  • Connect to others
  • Update your status often
  • Respect other people's time
  • Keep your information current and relevant
  • Have fun!