Why Should I Network?

Many of you may be thinking: “I don’t like to network”, or “I do not know how to get started”, or maybe “Why is networking necessary?” In reality, you are networking from your first email or conversation in the morning until the day is over. If you have coffee with someone a few times a year to stay in touch, you are networking. If you are a member of a child’s school group, you are networking.  Made any referrals lately? You are networking. Think about it:

  • How did you find out about UC Irvine?
  • Who did you call for a realtor referral?
  • Ever recommended someone for a job?

You're probably networking on a daily basis and have already gotten started, informally or in a formal process. In this module, we’ll concentrate on formal networking—networking that is planned.

From the Expert

Networking is all about building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. You network to get things done, personally and professionally.