Launching Your Brand

What does it mean to launch a personal brand? A personal brand campaign makes the audience aware of your brand, gains trust, and invites others to connect with you. Your campaign is the planning and implementation to position you for the right connections. To the right are five ways to launch your brand. Click on each one to learn more:

Thank You Notes

Although sometimes looked upon as traditional, this is very effective. Use pen and paper to write a short note. The note is a little used campaign in today’s environment. Go buy some thank you notes, write a short note, and put it in the mail.

Use Video

Create a video, either through Facebook or YouTube, to talk about your latest success or news. You should not create more than one simple video per week. Remember to be professional!

Write a Guest Blog

Email the author of a blog, write for an online publication and send it to the editor, or ask the person to sway blog posts.

Design a New Business Card

Many people order the same card as everyone else. Stand out! Spend some time and money to design a unique card with your tagline or logo and pass them out freely at networking events.

Get Involved in the Community

Join an organization of your interest and passion. A strong community network can build trust with others and expose you to a wide variety of new connections.