How to Brand Yourself

Branding starts with the development of a personal brand statement. This is a one- to two-sentence statement that tells people what you are best at, who you serve (your audience), and how you are unique. Your personal brand statement is unique to you and only you!  You might liken your statement to a tagline on your favorite brand.

Personal brand statements are not job titles or your mission statement. A good personal brand statement is memorable, short, and solution-oriented. Here are some examples:

John is a sales executive in the bedding industry
Branding Statement: John provides innovative bedding solutions (what he offers) to retail stores (the audience) through a custom design process (how he does it uniquely) with leading bedding manufacturers.

Nancy is a recruiter
Branding Statement: Nancy empowers job hunters, entrepreneurs and those in career transition (the audience) to find or recreate a new job (what she offers). Nancy utilizes your strengths (how she does it) to develop a unique message and deploy a campaign.

From the Expert

  • Stay authentic and current.
  • Do not call yourself an expert or leader unless you really are.
  • Your brand statement is not cast in iron; revise it at least once a year.


Ready to create your own branding statement? Click the link below to begin.

Developing Your Brand