Objectives of Personal Branding

In the book Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself, the authors discuss five objectives to consider when trying to develop or grow your brand. Click on each of these tabs to read more:

Give this some thought: what really excites you to wake up in the morning? What would you spend your down time doing if not your current job? Some of you may be passionate about your current work and it’s the focus of your life. Perhaps you have your own full- or part-time business? You work hard, stay up late and talk a lot about your work. This is passion.

If not your current job, maybe you’re passionate about a hobby. If given the opportunity, this hobby would be the way you live and pay for your life. Your current job is just a means to pay the rent; you're true passion is in what you do outside of work.



If you choose to share this passion, you will connect and meet others with the same passions and build very effective relationships. The best path is to incorporate your passions into your life goals.

For example: if your goal is to purchase an expensive beachfront home and your passion is surfing, the life goal and passion will work together. If your goal is to purchase the beachfront home and your passion is working at the local food bank, you may need to think about what type of job it would take to do both. It may be two very different jobs or career paths. Don’t give up on your passion, but be realistic about what it will take to have both. We all need passion in our lives!

Self-promotion or talking about your accomplishments is not the same as bragging. No one likes or wants to connect with a braggart. Self-promotion and being bold about what you say is just letting people know what is going on with your life and your achievements.

The biggest difference between the two is the motivation. If you are proud of the fact, that is okay. If you want to make people jealous or envious, that is bragging.


Still not convinced? Here’s the difference:

Self-Promotion  Bragging
  • Telling people about a holiday trip
  • Telling people the cost of the trip
  • Announcing on Facebook or Twitter a promotion at work
  • Announcing your big raise

Effective personal branding is not just talking about yourself. There are other creative ways to tell the story without saying a word about yourself.  Didn’t we just talk about self-promotion? One of the best ways to build up your personal brand is to talk about others: their accomplishments and ideas.  In this way, you become an influencer, not only someone who talks about themselves.


However, you also need to tell your story. So try some alternative routes. If your passion is wine, write a blog or publish some articles in wine store magazines or on their websites. If you work in an industry or company that does not have a networking group or website, initiate one and become the subject matter expert.

Through the development of your Netbank, you organized the relationships in various parts of your network. In addition to these important relationships, you will need to develop other opportunities.  Regardless of whether you’re using social media or live, face-to-face for networking, you can never be sure what opportunities may come your way. As long as you continue to put yourself in networking situations, the right people, the right time, and the right opportunity will eventually come around.

It’s very important that you treat every person with whom you meet as a potential connection for your Netbank.


The person you meet at the next fundraiser or professional conference may know someone you want to meet, or may even be your next employer. Give these opportunities time to grow before “withdrawing” them from your Netbank.

That’s the beauty of social media: it lets you stay in touch, share stories and learn about others in a relatively short period of time. If used correctly, it allows you to spend more time discussing opportunities and connections instead of figuring out where they went to school and their experiences in the workplace.

You can make all the grandiose plans in the world, but if you don’t put them into action, they don’t amount to much. Getting started may be the hardest step in brand development. You have to leave the house or the computer to fully develop your brand. Yes, you can make a lot of connections through social media, but social media does not take the place of meeting people face to face.

Networking is discussed in great detail in the next module. It will guide you through the social and face-to-face networking world. In the meantime, talk to your fellow classmates, initiate a discussion with one of your instructors, or just meet your neighbors!


Remember to:

  • Recognize your personal strengths and gifts
  • Think about how you best connect with people
  • Identify the value you deliver to others