Deposits vs. Withdrawals

Now that you know who's in your Netbank, it's time for evaluation. Networking enables you to stay in touch and make better use of your valuable time. This isn't just about people that we like; it’s about people we can get help from when we need assistance, and vice-versa.

Here is some criteria to use for everyone in your Netbank:

  • How does this person make me feel?
  • Is he/she draining to be around?
  • Am I treated with respect?
  • Do I laugh with this person?
  • Do I receive good feedback or just criticism?
  • Am I valued as a connection?
  • What can I give in return?
  • Can I make a valued introduction?
  • Is there an event or organization I can refer him/her to?
  • What type of compensation do they want? Advice, time, referrals, cash? 
  • Does he/she have knowledge relevant to my present or future needs?
  • Do they have some expertise I seek?
  • Do they have connections that I need/want?
  • Will they make the time for me?

From the Expert

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions. It is a personal choice, but there is one simple fact; people either make you feel good or they do not. This doesn’t mean they offer only  positive words. Most of us feel valued and respected when we receive thoughtful, genuine feedback. This will determine a deposit or withdrawal in your Netbank.