What Have I Learned?

As part of your continuing education, your have learned new skills and competencies. Prior to starting a new job search, writing a resume, or attending an interview, you should conduct an update and review. This can be helpful for self-assessment or in discussions with your manager, peers or subordinates. Consider the two types of skills below:

Does the new position you are seeking require specific skills or credentials? What about certifications or board exams?

For example: if you are seeking a position as a Paralegal in California or within a certain discipline such as criminal law or healthcare law, do you need to pass an exam or have experience within that discipline?

Transferable skills are those needed or wanted in a variety of jobs or careers. For example: If you currently manage people, the ability to motivate others would be a highly desired and transferable skill.

How well you motivate people would indicate your competency level. Your competency level is usually skilled, unskilled, or perhaps overused.


Use the worksheet below to help you identify Job-Specific Skills.

Job-Specific Skills

Review the list of competencies below, assess your skill level, and determine which of these would be transferable to the job you’re seeking.

Competency Glossary