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Welcome UCI Research Park Employees

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  • Employees located at UCI Research Park are eligible to receive a 50% discount on most course fees at UCI Division of Continuing Education.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer private training?
  • UCI Division of Continuing Education's Corporate & Global Partnerships Department provides private cohort training. We can provide the training online, onsite at your company or at our Division of Continuing Education building located on UC Irvine's campus. Training content can be customized to the specific needs of your organization, and can include company-specific case studies or data. The price for private training varies depending on the nature of your request and the level of customization. For more information, contact or (949) 824-9321. If you are interested in a private cohort training, please complete our Training Needs Analysis Form and submit that with your questions.
  • Do you provide interns?
  • UCI Division of Continuing Education's International Internships Program is always looking to partner with local Southern California companies interested in hiring international students in a variety of internship positions. Interns are highly motivated paraprofessionals eager to participate, learn and create an impact in your organization, and they bring a new global perspective and innovative ideas to support and enhance your business operations. Interns are available for 200 to 350 hours over the course of a 10-week quarter and are unpaid, completing the internship for academic credit per visa guidelines. If you are interested in hiring interns, please complete this short survey, and a staff member will contact you with additional information.
  • How can UCI help if I do not have a training department or if my training department is fairly new?
  • UCI Division of Continuing Education's Corporate & Global Partnerships Department can support you through an onboarding program consultation, a learning and development strategy session, a custom training portal, training meeting space and even a free, 1-hour seminar to give your employees a taste of what they can learn as training participants. Please contact or (949) 824-9321 for more information.
  • How can I get more involved at UCI?
  • There are a few ways you can get involved with UCI:
    1. Teaching – Our instructors are industry professionals with a minimum of a master's degree and extensive experience in their respective fields. Instructors can teach either online or in face-to-face environments. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experience with our students, please contact or (949) 824-9321 for more information.
    2. Advisory Board Participation – The success of our programs depends on input from industry experts. Advisory board participation is a way to help shape learning for future employees in the field. If you are interested in participating on a program advisory board, please contact or (949) 824-9321.
  • Do you host any events that may be beneficial to employees at UCI Research Park?
  • We host several events that may interest employees at UCI Research Park:
    1. HR Talks – This quarterly event brings HR professionals in southern California together to learn from industry experts, network and share best practices.
    2. UCI Research Park Lunch & Learns – These quarterly 1.5 hour sessions at UCI Research Park's Conference Center (5301 California Ave.) offer you an opportunity to explore a relevant business skills topic facilitated by a UCI Division of Continuing Education instructor. Lunch and materials are provided.
    3. Insights – These monthly 1.5 hour sessions at UCI Research Park's Conference Center offer you an opportunity to gain insight and inspiration from dynamic business leaders representing a variety of industries and business functions.
    4. Free Webinars – UCI Division of Continuing Education offers free webinars on a variety of topics. For information on upcoming events and on-demand webinars, please go to
    5. Career Fairs – UCI's Division of Career Pathways hosts several career fairs each year. Career fairs are a great way for recruiters to meet talented and career-ready UCI students. Our quarterly career fairs provide you with the opportunity to recruit students for part-time, full-time and internship positions. To learn more, go to
    6. International Student Internship Networking Events – UCI Division of Continuing Education's International Internships Program hosts quarterly networking events, giving employers an opportunity to get to know candidates and to share the great opportunities they have for student interns.
  • How does the UCI Research Park discount work?
  • Employees located at UCI Research Park are eligible to receive a 50% discount on most course fees at UCI Division of Continuing Education.*

    The UCI Research Park employee discount does not apply to the following:
    • Books, parking and candidacy fees
    • Summer Session courses
    • Concurrent Enrollment courses
    • OLLI membership
    • Custom programs developed for UCI Research Park companies and delivered on-site
    • Trilogy boot camp courses
    • Degrees and programs offered through other UCI Schools

    For applicable courses, enrollments are accepted by mail, phone, fax, or in-person only. To enroll and receive the discount, download the UCI Research Park Enrollment Form.

    Online enrollment is only available for Learning Consortium courses. Please use the discount code, RPI50.

    The UCIRP employee discount program may be modified or canceled at any time without notice at the discretion of the University.

    *Certain exclusions apply. Contact one of our representatives for more details.
  • How do I enroll in a public course?
  • To officially enroll in a course, please:
    • Visit our course offerings.
    • Choose the course you want to enroll in and click ‘Enroll.’
    • After you have the classes you want in your cart, click ‘Complete My Registration.’
    • Then log in or setup a new account if this is your first time registering for a course. If you are creating a new student account, go to steps 5 and 6. If you have previously created a student account, skip to step 7 after entering your login credentials.
    • If you are a US citizen, complete all of the required fields, including your Social Security Number. If you are an international student, you will skip the Social Security Number field and complete the entry for Country of Citizenship instead. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on why this information is required.
    • Fill out all other appropriate fields and click ‘Create New Account’ button.
    • On the next page, confirm your entries and edit them if necessary. Click ‘Yes, Register Me Now.’
    • If you need to drop a course, please contact our Student Services department by e-mail ( or by phone at (949) 824-5414.
  • How late can I enroll in a public course?
  • Students are required to enroll in courses before the start of the second class meeting. For online courses, students may enroll up to 10 calendar days from, and including, the official course start date. For example, if the online course begins on Monday, the enrollment deadline is Wednesday of the following week. For single meeting courses, students are required to enroll prior to the start of class. Enrollments will not be accepted after the enrollment deadline.

    A $25 late fee applies to enrollments after midnight following the first class meeting for classes that meet in a classroom. For online classes, late fees will be applied three days after the official start date. Late fees are assessed per course, are non-refundable and non- transferable. Please include the $25 late fee with your enrollment fee if you enroll after the enrollment deadline.
  • If I am having trouble enrolling, what do I do?
  • If you have any trouble with the enrollment process, please contact Student Services at or +1 (949) 824-5414, Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm (Pacific). A Student Services representative will assist you. Please make sure they are aware that you are a UCI Research Park employee, so they can be sure to apply the UCI Research Park discount.
  • Why do you need my date of birth and social security number to set up a student account?
  • We ask for your date of birth and social security number when setting up your account in order to create a unique educational transcript for you. If you have concerns about how we handle your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • If you forget your student account password, what do I need to do?
  • If you forget your password, or you need help changing your email address in your student account, please contact Student Services at or +1 (949) 824-5414, Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm (Pacific). A Student Services representative will assist you with a password reset.
  • How do I find out when a course is offered?
  • On each program page, you will see a grid with all required and elective courses listed. In the grid, under each quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall), you should see a green radio button or ‘to be scheduled’ listed, which indicates that the course is offered during that quarter. A blank space means the course is not offered during that quarter.
  • How do online courses work?
  • Online courses typically take place asynchronously, Monday through Sunday with weekly assignments due by 11:59 PDT on Sundays. Asynchronous courses allow you the flexibility to review videos, listen to lectures, read materials and work on assignments at a time and in a place convenient to you. These courses provide interaction between you and the instructor, and between you and other students through our online learning management system, Canvas.
  • How do I know if a course is offered in a specific format?
  • On each program page, in the grid of required and elective courses, you should see green radio buttons. In each green radio button, you will find the course price (before discount) and the format of the course (Online, Accelerated or On-Campus at UCI).
  • Can I take program courses in multiple formats?
  • As you take courses in a program, you can switch between formats (online, accelerated or on-campus at UCI). You do not have to take each course in the same format throughout the program. That said, most of our courses are offered in an online format.
  • What prerequisites or experience are required to take these courses?
  • Most of our courses do not require any prerequisites or prior experience. Our courses are graduate level in subject matter, so please keep that in mind as you consider what to take. If you are unsure about whether or not you have enough background knowledge or expertise to complete any of our courses, please contact Valerie Polunas at or at +1 (949) 824-9321 for counseling assistance.
  • Do I have to take every course in a certificate program?
  • You must take all required courses and must complete a specific number of units of elective courses in order to complete a certificate program. Each program page lists the number of required courses and elective credit units needed under the Certificate Eligibility and Requirements section. Each program has a different number of required courses and elective credit units, so please see specific program pages for details. If you prefer to take a single course or a few courses, you may do so, but you will not earn a full program certificate.
  • In what order should I take courses in a certificate program?
  • We recommend you take all required courses before taking elective courses in a program; however, there is flexibility in terms of the order in which you take courses. Please contact Valerie Polunas at or at +1 (949) 824-9321 for counseling assistance.
  • Is special software needed for online courses?
  • You will need an internet connection and student account in order to access UCI Canvas, our learning management system, where materials for online courses are delivered. Please go to the course information page for each class in a program to find out if special software is required.
  • How do I pay for course materials (i.e. books)?
  • Textbook information is provided on the course information page for each class in a program. UCI Division of Continuing Education does not sell textbooks. You are free to purchase from the online or brick-and-mortar bookstore of your choice.
  • What is required to pass a course?
  • You must take all courses in the program series for Letter Grade in order to earn your program certificate. Depending on the program, you need to complete each course with a minimum letter grade of ‘B’ or ‘C’ in order to continue with the course series and earn you program certificate. Please see the Certificate Eligibility and Requirements section of each program page for information on what minimum letter grade you must earn.
  • Do I need to take a course for a letter grade?
  • You are not required to take courses for a letter grade. There are three grade options from which you can choose: Letter Grade, Pass/Not Pass and Audit.

    Letter Grade
    A- excellent, B-good, C-fair, D-barely passed, F-failure. Plus and minus suffixes may be attached to the grades A, B, C and D.

    Please note: UCI Division of Continuing Education certificate and specialized studies programs require courses to be completed with a minimum grade of C or B depending on the program. Also, if you want to earn credit that can be utilized for transfer credit with another institution, you should choose Letter Grade.

    Pass/No Pass
    May be assigned only when a student is officially enrolled with the pass/not pass option. Students must earn a C or better to receive a passing grade.

    Auditors are students who wish to attend UCI Division of Continuing Education courses but do not desire academic credit. Your work will not be evaluated (you are not required to take exams or complete projects). Students who choose to audit a course may attend any and all sessions of the course, participate in discussions, activities and assignments but are not required to do so.

    If you want to audit a course, follow regular registration procedures and pay the full fee listed for each course. Be sure to update your grade option as ‘audit’ and inform your instructor that you have selected this grade option.

    No provisions for students to merely “sit-in” on UCI Division of Continuing Education courses are made and attendance without payment of fees is prohibited.

    You should notify your instructor by midterm whether you are taking a course “for credit” or “not for credit.” If you are taking the course for credit, you must choose whether you wish a letter grade or prefer the “Pass/Not Pass” option. Note: Certificate candidates should complete their courses with letter grades. Certain courses are only offered on a Pass/Not Pass basis and will be noted in the course description. All grades are final when filed by the instructor. You can view your grades and print a grade card on our website. Simply click My Account Login (or create an account) to access your grade card under the My Account links in the left sidebar.

    Please go to Credits and Grades for more information.
  • How long can I take to complete a program?
  • You can take up to five years from the start date of your first course to complete your program certificate. Please contact Valerie Polunas at or at +1 (949) 824-9321 for counseling assistance.
  • How do I obtain a program certificate?
  • To receive your official certificate from UCI Division of Continuing Education, you must apply for candidacy and request your certificate in the program before the last course concludes. We recommend applying for candidacy during the start of the last course in the program. Each application includes a one-time candidacy fee of $125.00 that must be paid at the time of application with UCI Division of Continuing Education.

    To apply for candidacy and request your certificate, simply log in to your account and choose ‘Application for Candidacy/Request Certificate’ in the left hand column navigation bar. Follow the directions through the process until completion.
  • How do I obtain a transcript?
  • Visit the Student Services Transcript Request page for more information. Transcripts can be ordered online via mail or fax for a fee of $20 per copy.
  • How do I transfer credits?
  • Transferring Units into UCI Division of Continuing Education
    Certificate candidates that have a specialized background education in, or that have experience in a core knowledge area in one of UC Irvine's prerequisite course areas, may request permission to substitute a UCI Division of Continuing Education course. Candidates may request substitution of a maximum of two courses, toward a certificate. However, students must complete the number of units required for a certificate from UCI Division of Continuing Education. Requests for the petition to substitute form must be completed prior to the Application for Candidacy form being submitted. Submit the following documentation: college transcripts, official descriptions of courses taken in the past or a detailed account of the nature and duration of work experience. Instructions:
    1. Request a Course Substitution Form from Student Services.
    2. Review your transcripts from other institutions. Determine which course(s) you feel is (are) equivalent to the full scope and content of a certificate course.
    3. Order a transcript from the other institutions if needed. Unofficial transcripts are accepted.
    4. Complete the Course Substitution Form.
    5. Make sure to attach a copy of the official catalog descriptions of proposed equivalency courses to your completed petition (circle the descriptions of those courses you wish us to consider) or print copies from the online catalog.
    6. Mail your petition with descriptions and copies of transcripts to:
      UCI Division of Continuing Education
      c/o Corporate Training
      PO Box 6050
      Irvine, CA 92616-6050

      Or you may choose to email us at or fax to (949) 824-2090.

    Transferring Units to Partner Colleges
    UCI Division of Continuing Education works with a number of universities to provide students with a "next step" on their educational pathway. We have articulation agreements with a handful of universities. These schools accept coursework from several UCI Division of Continuing Education certificate programs that will accept units toward specific degree programs. Please visit our List of Partner Colleges.
  • Can certificates count toward a degree?
  • You can ask any higher education institution if the continuing education credits you earn in our courses can be applied for transfer credit. Please make sure you take a course for Letter Grade if you are considering applying it for transfer credit. To find out if the course qualifies for transfer credit at an institution of higher education, please present an official transcript and a copy of the course syllabus to that institution. Please note, it is up to that institution to determine whether or not to grant transfer or substitution credit.