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Bank-to-Bank Transfer through Convera

How Does This Service Work

The bank-to-bank transfer service is an effective method of making payments to UCI Division of Continuing Education. It allows students, their families, sponsors, or international representative the opportunity to securely send bank-to-bank transfers for payment of tuition and fees in their home currency.

UCI has contracted with Convera to provide international students with an alternative to paying their tuition and fees by wire transfer. Convera offer a competitive rate of exchange for processing payments in many international currencies.

Benefits to You

  • Secure an exchange rate you are happy with – the rate will be held for 72 hours
  • Understand your costs – know exactly how much you are paying in your home currency
  • Peace of mind – have confidence that the UCI Division of Continuing Education will receive your fees on time, usually in 2 working days
  • No expensive bank charges – keep hold of as much of your money as possible
  • Speed up your application and enrollment process – UCI Division of Continuing Education will be able to identify your fee payment quickly thus eliminating delays
  • No additional charges for using this service are levied by UCI Division of Continuing Education or Convera.
  • By using this service you avoid or significantly reduce the costs incurred to both yourself and UCI Division of Continuing Education for making and receiving international payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is using Convera better than just using my bank?
  • If you use your own bank to make your payment to UCI Division of Continuing Education, then this will cost you more. Banks charge service fees (sometimes you are not even aware of them) that are added on to the payment and these charges can be substantial. This means the UCI Division of Continuing Education sometimes won’t receive your full payment because the added bank charges are deducted from your total due. By using Convera you are assured of a guaranteed rate of exchange as well as ensuring that UCI Division of Continuing Education receives your fees in full. This exchange rate is held for 72 hours giving you peace of mind that the exchange rate will not move against you. So, after submitting your payment, you can relax and feel comfortable knowing that you are done and have paid in full.
  • Do I need to provide the UCI Division of Continuing Education bank details when I go to my local bank?
  • No. Convera will email you a confirmation and instructions, including the local bank details within your country for making the payment You do not need UCI Division of Continuing Education bank’s information to make this bank-to-bank payment transaction. Just bring the email confirmation and instructions that you receive from Convera and they will take care of the rest.
  • What fees can I pay using this service?
  • If you are studying in our International Programs, you can pay your Application and Housing Placement fees (non-refundable), Tuition, Housing, Health Insurance, and Airport Pick-up Fee. These are the only fees you can pay at this time. You cannot pay for additional fees such as activities, books, or parking.

    If you are enrolled in a certificate program or taking an online course, you can pay your course fee(s), candidacy fees, and any applicable late fees.
  • I can’t find my home currency on the list?
  • Due to international and domestic banking regulations some currencies are unable to be traded on the open market or as part of this service. If your home currency is not available, you can select United States Dollars (USD) or another currency from the drop down menu. If you decide to use USD, for example, you will need to first purchase the USD from your bank prior to making the wire transfer through Convera.
  • Is using Convera better than paying by credit card or using a bank check?
  • Convera is one of a variety of options for paying your tuition and fees and you are welcome to research each option to see which one is best for you. You are welcome to pay by credit card or purchase a money order or a bank check (payable to UC Regents), if that is the option that is most convenient for you. However, keep in mind that credit card companies and banks have added services charges and fees associated with the transaction and some of the fees will not be known until after you have made the purchase. Also, paying by credit card often has delays with processing for various reasons. A bank check can also be delayed because you first need to find a US bank in your home country to issue the check and then you need to mail the check with your application, which can take several days.

Steps to Make a Bank-to-Bank Transfer

Step 1: Click on the Convera link below


Step 2: Complete the Convera Form

  • Enter student details (boxes marked with a * are required)
  • Enter your tuition and fee amount in the relevant fields in USD
  • Select payment currency
    If your local currency is not an option available in the form, you will need to choose another currency on the list (for example, United States Dollar - USD) in order to arrange your Bank-to-Bank transfer. You will need to first purchase USD from your bank prior to making the wire transfer through Convera.
  • Finalize transaction
  • You will receive a confirmation email with information in a PDF attachment from Convera with further instructions
  • If your preferred payment method was an online option, you will be redirected to a secure environment online to complete your payment. If you selected bank wire, you will receive a confirmation email with information in a PDF attachment from Convera with further instructions.

Step 3: Bank Transfer

  • Complete your payment transaction:
    • Bank Transfer: receive payment instructions for online banking or paying directly through your bank by taking the Convera confirmation email with the PDF attachment to your local bank
    • In-person: receive payment instructions for an in-person transfer
    • Online: select from a variety of providers
      Converva online providers
  • Upon completion of the transaction, take the Convera confirmation email with the PDF attachment to your local bank
  • Local bank to transfer funds to Convera
  • The rate quoted is valid for 72 hours
  • Convera is pleased to offer their Price Promise. Price Promise Should you find a more competitive rate at your bank, Convera will match it. Email with your GlobalPay for Student Reference (starting EUS) plus screenshots of the quote from your bank. Terms and Conditions apply.

Step 4: Payment Finalized

  • Once payment has been completed, Convera will then forward the amount in US dollars to UCI Division of Continuing Education.
  • Track your payment using your Student Reference (starting EUS) by SMS and email
  • Access 24/7 live chat on the platform or contact our friendly team for assistance:


If you have any questions regarding the bank-to-bank payment transfer with Convera, you are welcome to contact them directly. Their dedicated Customer Service team will assist you with any of your questions. In addition, someone from their team can also help you through the payment process so you are clear on how it’s done and provide you with all the necessary details to make the process as easy and simple as possible.

Convera Customer Service