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Board Games: Strategies for Creating a Winning Board for your Nonprofit Organization

 Monday, June 15, 2020
 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Is your Board a help or a hindrance? Do you spend more time managing around your Board than engaging them in ways that are meaningful and helpful? Does your Board know its purpose? Do you feel micromanaged by your Board? Do you feel abandoned by your Board? Are you strategically building your Board with people specifically targeted according to a well-considered and developed philosophy, or are you just employing the “I know a guy” strategy? Boards are the single most important entity in nonprofit organizations. Great Boards make great organizations. Too few organizations know how to effectively build, engage, sustain and manage great Boards. Please join UCI Division of Continuing Education in welcoming Tim Shaw, former CEO of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, Vice President with Orange County United Way and Executive Director of the Orange County Homeless Issues Task Force (and current President of Tim Shaw & Associates), and learn: How to develop your customized Board Purpose Statement, how to develop a Board engagement and recruitment philosophy, how to recruit busy people (even the same people everyone else wants on their Board!), how to develop simple systems of accountability and assessment of Board effectiveness, how to naturally create Board leadership succession plans, how to organize your Board committees for maximum support and impact. whether “give or get” policies are right for your Board, how to maximize Board fundraising participation, how to draft, approve and fulfill Board member agreements and commitments, and how to avoid micromanagement of staff and ensure the Board and staff are in their proper roles.

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