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Energy Leadership: How to Create and Sustain an Anabolic Spa Culture

 Monday, February 24, 2020
 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Leadership is a topic of great interest in the spa industry because it is considered a central factor in a spa’s potential to succeed. While there are conflicting opinions on whether a leader is made (through experience) or born (having natural talent), research suggests that effective leadership requires a foundation of skills and capabilities that are non-negotiable. These include emotional intelligence, influence, clear communication, conflict management, problem solving, productivity, and engagement. Interestingly, many spa leaders possess these skills, but few understand how to access them efficiently. What do these leaders have that give them an advantage? The answer is anabolic energy.

When you hear the word energy, you may be thinking about a place on the “feeling tired” to “feeling inspired” spectrum – and you’re absolutely right! As spa leaders become consciously aware of the level of their energy and what affects it, they can develop better control over their thoughts, emotions, behavior, raise their overall energy, and increase their ability to achieve the results they ultimately desire from a given situation. The influence of energy on leadership is a growing area of research and studies have revealed the significant and positive relationship between a leader’s ability to tap into anabolic energy and their personal level of life satisfaction (at work and at home).

Join Shawn Hallum as he discusses how energy and your awareness of it can help you to transform your spa’s team dynamics. Attendees of the webinar will receive a discount on the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (measuring your level of current leadership energy) and a personalized debrief (explaining your results and highlighting opportunities for growth). The webinar will also include pre-registration advisement for individuals interested in the UCI Division of Continuing Education fully online Spa and Wellness Management Certificate Program.

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