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Gen Z: Counseling and Educating a Different Generation

 Wednesday, February 5, 2020
 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Entitled. Lazy. Addicted to screens. Overstressed. High-maintenance. Underprepared. No matter what label is slapped on Generation Z, it never seems to be particularly flattering; sometimes it even implies downright de-evolution of the species. Yet few generations have had higher expectations for success as people look for the Mark Zuckerberg in each and every one of them. They have been introduced to financial crisis, fake news, parental paranoia, and digital revolution very early, often with little-to-no third party guidance until it is too late, even at the most elite of schools.

Through the lens of his 15 years as an independent educational consultant and 22 years in education, including time working in college admissions at Harvard and Yale, leading the guidance program at two New York private high schools, teaching in the inner-city and working at a policy think tank, Keith Berman attempts to find some truth and balance in the discussion of who Gen Z is, how to work with them, and, perhaps, why he continues to do so (joyfully!) each day. This session is intended for an audience of people who are working, or intending to work, with high school students, but parents and students may enjoy it as well. This webinar will include pre-registration advisement for individuals interested in UCI DCE’s fully online Independent Educational Consultant Certificate Program.

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