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  1. Review the UCI General Catalogue or Schedule of Classes.
    Course descriptions are listed in the UCI General Catalogue. The Schedule of Classes can be viewed online as well.
  2. Select your course(s).
    Familiarize yourself with the exact dates and times, enrollment deadlines, and refund policy. Some courses may have prerequisites and/or corequisites. Please check the course listing in the UCI General Catalogue.
  3. Refer to the current enrollment form to determine required signature(s).
    If instructor approval is required, take the enrollment form to the first class meeting. Ask the instructor to sign your enrollment form. Additional signatures may be required as listed on the enrollment form. Exact enrollment and refund deadline information can be found on the Concurrent Enrollment Calendar. Note: UCI Add/Drop cards are not accepted.
  4. Return your completed enrollment form in person.
    Return your completed enrollment form and pay your fees to the UCI Division of Continuing Education Student Services Office. Please submit one form per class with a unit value. Faxed enrollment forms will not be accepted. Enrollment forms will not be accepted prior to the first day of instruction.
  5. Enjoy your class!