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By enrolling in ACCESS UCI, you can take advantage of over 5,000 UCI undergraduate and graduate courses without formal admission to the university. Enroll in ACCESS UCI, also known as concurrent enrollment, administered through UCI Division of Continuing Education.

Enroll in UCI classes on a space-available basis — with permission of the course instructor and/or department — after all matriculated UCI students have been enrolled. Courses carry university credit, may count toward a degree, and are taught by distinguished UCI faculty.

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  • Take courses for personal enrichment.
  • Study with world-renowned professors.
  • Use the UCI library.
  • Meet new people who share your interests.
  • Take courses that may count towards a degree.
  • Investigate courses of study before enrolling in a degree program.
  • Explore a new field or enhance your current one.
  • Stay ahead of new developments in a particular subject area.
  • Get a head start in college.