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Be a Partner in Our Learning Consortium of Short Courses.

Short Term Achievements that Lead to Long Term Accomplishments.

As part of our corporate training program, we offer a host of short courses to booster skill development, industry accreditation, continuing and professional development, career exploration, and a pathway to further study within a current career.

Our short courses are highly interactive, intensive, and built purposefully with strong academic rigor. Short courses are delivered within one to three days and are condensed to help employees focus on the current requirements of their role.

Importantly, participants will benefit from the hands-on learning and collaboration with fellow students from diverse industries. All courses meet from 8:30am-4:30pm on the UCI campus. Parking, light breakfast and lunch are included. Courses offered in various formats. Participants will earn a UCI Certificate of Completion.


Individual Courses

Your staff can participate in our short courses on an open enrollment basis. In addition, we can schedule any course by request for corporate teams or a group of individuals. Please contact Lindsay Doherty at for more information.


Corporate Subscription

Companies can opt into a subscription model that allows employees to select from a course schedule.

The benefit is that the more employees that enroll per quarter, the greater the savings. Your organization will only be invoiced for the courses that are used by the end of the quarter. And you will only need to guarantee five enrollments per each of four quarters for the period one year.

Our customized registration is a click away. Employees will be able to enroll by accessing a personal enrollment portal that is built exclusively for your company.

Sample Pricing

Sample pricing based on $495 course fee for one-day class. Pricing includes course materials, breakfast, lunch and parking. Contact us for additional tier pricing.

Subscription Tiered Discount Price Per Course Quarterly Fee
5 Enrollments 15% Discount $420.75 $2,103.75
10 Enrollments 20% Discount $396.00 $3,960.00
20 Enrollments 30% Discount $346.50 $6,930.00
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Free Class Demo

We invite one guest from your organization to experience one of our courses at no cost to discover the benefits of our instruction, content, and learning format.

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Getting Started.

At UCI, we make it easy to get you on the road to the program that is right for you—right now. Lindsay Doherty, our Associate Director of Corporate and Engagement and Partnerships, will be your lead strategist and primary contact.

At your convenience, simply complete our interest form and we will get back to you immediately.

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