UCI Division of Continuing Education

Established in 1962, UCI Division of Continuing Education has been offering
education for adult learners in Orange County for over half a
century. Today we maintain over 30,000 enrollments from students worldwide each
year and offer hundreds of exciting courses and programs to local, regional and
global constituencies.

UCI Division of Continuing Education offers over 60 convenient certificates and
specialized studies programs
on campus and online designed for the working
professional who seeks career advancement and personal enrichment. So if you are
trying to start a new career, build a company, or better develop an appreciation
of the world around you, UCI Division of Continuing Education has the resources needed to support your

As an integral part of UC Irvine, the Division of Continuing Education seeks to support UCI’s reputation for innovation. Our Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation provides campus and other strategically selected organizations with distance learning services, including the development and delivery of courses using online technology. As with everything we do, the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation is dedicated to the highest quality instruction, employing professional levels of instructional design, the appropriate use of technology, and the most qualified and best-trained instructors.

UCI Division of Continuing Education is also proud to announce UC Irvine’s acceptance in the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCW). UC Irvine is the first University of California campus, as well as the only West Coast University, to become a member of the OCW. UC Irvine’s membership in the OCW Consortium is consistent with its public and land-grant missions and its desire to play a significant role in contributing to the social welfare of the state, the nation and the world. Open Educational Resources (OER) showcase the University’s high quality education and makes courses and course materials free for everyone in the world. UC Irvine’s OCW is a large-scale, Web-based resource that houses educational assets that are discoverable, searchable, modifiable, and, best of all, free and easily available. Through the OCW Movement, UC Irvine provides university-quality courses and learning assets to populations of self learners that are underserved and in many cases, unable to participate in formal education at a university. This site also offers access to UCI Division of Continuing Education’s online continuing education offerings. For more information about UC Irvine’s OCW initiative, visit open.uci.edu.

UCI Division of Continuing Education also provides a gateway for our students to reach other
UC Extensions
and campus amenities such as the UCI Alumni Association, the University Club,
and the Chancellor’s Club.

From a wide selection of academic programs to numerous campus activities, UCI Division of Continuing Education will continue providing a university-level learning experience to all of our students.

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