Authored by Adriana Maestas

As graduation season comes to an end, the reality of finding a job starts to sink in. The class of 2014 becomes the sixth consecutive class of graduating college seniors to enter a weak job market. Despite the continued bleak economic outlook, 84% of graduating seniors expect to find a job in their chosen field.  

Here are some tips if you just graduated and are looking for a job:

  1. Polish up your LinkedIn profile and while you are at it, it might be a good idea to scrub your Facebook profile of any pictures you might now be embarrassed of. Human resources professionals are becoming savvier about looking up the social media profiles of prospective employees. You want to represent yourself in a good light and highlight your achievements in any public profile. With LinkedIn’s focus on professionals, you can tap into pools of hiring managers and groups that share your professional interests and network online.
  2. Consider internships. Just because you may no longer receive college credit for an internship, don’t assume that employers are not looking for interns who have recently graduated. Sometimes working for free or a reduced rate will help you get a foot in the door. You can also volunteer and note that experience on your resume as well.
  3. Brush up on your interview skills. When you start getting call backs for interviews, have a friend or mentor ask you interview questions. You can even give your friend a copy of the job description so he/she can tailor some specific questions for you.
  4. Have patience, and don’t give up. Finding a job in this economy takes time. And the hiring process takes time, especially in the summer when people schedule vacations. Be pro-active, keep networking, and do something related to your job search every day.