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What interests you most? What drives you? And can you turn that passion into a career? Powered by Roadtrip Nation, UCI has created an experience for you to explore the answers to these questions - and to help define your own road in life.

Explore What Drives You

Everyone has interests that drive them through life. The Roadtrip Nation Experience is all about exploring what it is that excites you - what you lose track of time learning about. You will have access to exclusive video content and reading material, and you will get to interact with others in the program to learn what it is that lights you up at your core.

Connect with UCI Alumni

Whatever it is you are experiencing as a UCI student, chances are there is a UCI alumni who has experienced the same thing. Why not leverage those stories and experiences? A big component of The Roadtrip Nation Experience is connecting with UCI alumni, and combining your interests with their inspiring stories and experiences.

Experience the Road

It wouldn't be a Roadtrip Nation experience without the chance of actually going on a road trip. Completion of the program in full will make you eligible to apply for the UCI Roadtrip in summer. You will get to live in the giant green RV and travel across Southern California to interview UCI alumni, just like the original PBS series.

Meet Our Staff

Tanya Zabalegui

Tanya Zabalegui


Amy Bue

Amy Bue

Project Specialist

Rebecca Martinez-Areas

Rebecca Martinez-Areas

Program Coordinator

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See last year's road trip!

Check out the feed from the inaugural UCI Roadtrip this past July.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Roadtrip Nation Experience?
The Roadtrip Nation Experience is a program aimed at reshaping the way you think about your future career, whatever it may be. Throughout the program, you will participate in an online course through an independent Canvas LMS. There, you will interact with classmates, have access to exclusive reading and video material, and learn how to truly define your own road in life.
How long is the program? When does it begin?
The program is one quarter long, and will begin as soon as you register. You must complete the program by March 22, 2019.
How much does it cost?
Nothing at all! The program is free of charge—all you have to do is register.
Am I eligible for this program?
If you are an undergraduate student at UC Irvine, you are eligible and we welcome you to join The Experience!
Will I receive any academic units upon completing this program?
While we are unable to provide academic units, The Roadtrip Nation Experience is meant to provide you with the opportunity for career exploration and compliment your formal education at UCI.
How do I register for the program?
All you need to do is complete a short form on EEE here. Once you have submitted this form, our team will add you to the online Canvas course. You should then receive an e-mail from Canvas confirming that you have been registered. We will also send you an e-mail with step-by-step instructions, just in case you miss anything. And of course, you are welcome to contact us if you get lost along the way!
How can I go on the UCI Roadtrip in Summer?
Students become eligible to apply for the UCI Roadtrip after completing The Roadtrip Nation experience in full. This means completing all of the modules and assignments within the online Canvas course. In Spring, our staff will send an e-mail to all students who have completed the Experience with instructions on how to apply.
What is Roadtrip Nation?
Roadtrip Nation is an organization dedicated to helping people find career and life fulfillment. In their fleet of RVs, they crisscross the globe, journeying from rugged back roads to sleek superhighways, subsisting off unnaturally colored gas station snacks, sleeping in any empty parking lot we can find—just so they can talk to the people who figured out how to build a career around their own unique combination of interests. Their goal? To give you the tools to live a life doing what matters to you. Lean more here.
Any questions we didn't answer? E-mail us at roadtripnation@uci.edu.

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