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Gifted & Talented Education


Teaching the gifted and talented is an inspirational and rewarding challenge.  Gifted learners tend to show characteristics that differ from their peers in every area of function: cognitive, affective, physical and intuitive.

Offered completely online, UCI Division of Continuing Education's Gifted and Talented Education Specialized Studies program will help you develop a new skill set and gain a deeper understanding of the needs and issues of this diverse group of students.

This teacher-focused program is also aligned with CAG, NAGC, and state standards of excellence.

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced and novice teachers seeking the latest strategies for curricular differentiation
  • Individuals interested in Gifted & Talented Education theory and practical applications
  • Individuals exploring entry or career transition into GATE instruction

Career Insight

Occupational summary for secondary school teachers, middle school teachers, and elementary school teachers in the United States.

Jobs (2016)
Projected Growth (2017-2027)
Median Earnings

Program Benefits

  • Identify and evaluate diversely gifted students
  • Determine and meet unique psychological needs
  • Gain the ability to provide instruction that is balanced between theory and application
  • Acquire the skills necessary to build differentiated curriculum to meet the needs all of learners, regardless of level
  • Learn effective ways to advocate for your gifted child and for gifted programming in general
  • Learn to identify the unique social and emotional characteristics of your gifted child
Graduate Candice Stoneff discusses her experiences in the GATE Specialized Studies and shares why she feels the professional development program is so beneficial for all K-12 educators.

Course Schedule

Required Courses

EDUC X372.1
GATE: Identification and Programming (1 unit)
EDUC X372.1
to be scheduled   Online  
EDUC X372.2
GATE: Social and Emotional Needs (2 units)
EDUC X372.2
to be scheduled   Online  
EDUC X372.3
GATE: Differentiated Instruction (3 units)
EDUC X372.3

Elective Courses

Gifted & Talented Education
EDUC X372.06
GATE: Engaging Students Through Technology (2 units)
EDUC X372.06
  Online   to be scheduled
EDUC X372.92
GATE: Learning Styles (1 unit)
EDUC X372.92
  Online   to be scheduled
GATE: Teaching the Arts (2 units)
to be scheduled   Online  
EDUC X372.93
GATE: Creative & Productive Thinking (1 unit)
EDUC X372.93
to be scheduled   Online  

Course schedules are subject to change. Individual courses may be taken without enrolling in the full certificate.

Receive Customized Training for your Employees

Learn How To Earn Your CertificateWhat are the requirements for the GATE Specialized Studies?

Students must complete 3 required courses and 2 electives of their choice (adding up to 3 units). The specialized studies is awarded upon successful completion of 9 units with a letter grade of “C” or better. To receive your certificate, submit a Request for Certificate after completing all program requirements. Students not pursuing a specialized studies award are welcome to take as many courses as they wish.

How much does it cost?

Fees range from $375 to $500 per course. Depending on which courses you choose, the tuition cost of the GATE specialized studies is approximately $2,200. There is also a $35 certificate request fee.

Onsite Courses Available

UCI Division of Continuing Education can provide individual courses, specialized in-services, or the entire GATE Specialized Studies program onsite at schools, district professional development centers, or other venues at reduced costs. On-site courses cover a number of topics critical to increasing teachers' skill sets and can be tailored to unique demands of the school being served. To learn how to bring GATE programming to your school district, contact (949) 824-9304 or

How long is the program?

The GATE specialized studies consists of 9 units. By taking one or two courses per quarter, many students complete the program in 9 to 15 months. Students are encouraged to complete the program within five years.

10th Annual Gifted & Talented Education Webinar Series

An expert-led series designed for teachers, administrators and parents of the gifted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Advisory Committee

  • Beth L. Andrews, GATE Coordinator, Irvine Unified School District
  • Darlene Boyd, Director, UCI Gifted Students Network
  • Ian Byrd, Founder, Byrdseed
  • Kate Edwards, PhD, Independent Educational Consultant and Gifted Education Instructor
  • David Ghoogasian, Educational Consultant, The Lyceum
  • Marcie Griffith, Elementary Principal, Garden Grove Unified School District

English Proficiency Requirement
All certificate programs at UCI Division of Continuing Education (classroom and online formats) require professional-level English language proficiency in listening and note-taking, reading comprehension and vocabulary, written expression, and oral presentation.

Attention GATE Teachers!

We offer a number of resources in our free online GATE community, including past webinar recordings and information about upcoming events. To join our community, please call (949) 824-9304.

Earn a Digital Badge

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The Gifted & Talented Education Program and its individual courses are now eligible for digital badging.

Find out more about badging, the many benefits of earning a badge, and how you can qualify for and begin sharing this important visual acknowledgement of your educational achievements and commitment to professional development.

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