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Alumni Spotlight

Elevating Existing Knowledge to Re-enter the Workforce

Karissa Wong, Contract Management Certificate Program

Why did you choose the Contract Management certificate?

I have a background in contract review and analysis. However, I left the workforce for a number of years to stay home and raise my children. I eventually went into real estate a few years ago and am still involved in the field. Even with this endeavor, there was a part of me that wanted to get back into contract management. I eventually decided to pursue a contract management certificate to elevate my knowledge and skills. I felt that it would be more appealing to employers if I demonstrate new knowledge and bring more value to an organization.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in the program?

I enjoyed completing the essay questions and analyzing the case studies. I believe in-depth learning occurs through close analysis of the readings and applying them in the essay responses. The instructors did a fantastic job covering core areas through these essay questions. Sometimes I would realize that I need to re-read or further research a topic to better understand or acquire additional information to complete these essays. It’s definitely a great measuring tool to assess one’s understanding of the material.

What was your favorite course in the program, and why?

I enjoyed every class offered because the classes and instructors gave unique insights into various aspects. Contract Formation really stood out for me because it delved into the beginning process of securing a contract. I really appreciated gaining the legal perspectives from the instructor. From my experience, it’s important to have some knowledge of the legal aspect in contracting. Overall, the class provided a solid foundation to learning the important elements in contract management.

What impact did earning your Contract Management certificate have on your educational journey or career?

I’m glad I enrolled in the Contract Management Certificate Program and believe it was a very good investment. I was able to obtain a Contract Manager position prior to completing my last course in the program. Even though I have a background in contracting, having the certificate leveraged my appeal to recruiters. I wholeheartedly encourage others to enroll to enhance their knowledge or advance in their career.