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Alumni Spotlight

Jarrod Ventura, Digital Marketing and Communications

  • Jarrod Ventura
Why did you choose the Digital Marketing & Communications certificate?

I have been running social media accounts, websites, and initiatives for over seven years. I wanted to expand my knowledge outside of social media and learn more about other forms of marketing including email marketing and product management. I also wanted to boost my confidence as someone who is new to the profession.

What did you enjoy most about your experience in the program?

I really enjoyed the instructors. They always responded quickly to my questions and were extremely supportive. Course assignments are applicable to work that you do in marketing every day. Whenever I doubted myself and my abilities, the instructors always encouraged me.

What was the most helpful course in the program, and why?

Marketing Performance Optimization taught by Ellen Callen was the most helpful course for me. This course helped me take on the perspective of executives and understand why they should invest in marketing tactics.

I’ll admit that math has never been my strongest subject, but Ellen showed us that revenue planning, analytics, and return on investment does not have to be complicated. Leaving her course with this knowledge has made me feel more comfortable presenting marketing activities to my supervisors.

What impact did earning your Digital Marketing & Communications certificate have on your educational journey or career?

Earning this certificate has made me feel more confident to switch into a full-time marketing role. I have conducted informational interviews with some of my dream companies including The Honest Company and Honest Beauty.

I also started an Instagram account last year. Over the course of the certificate, I’ve gained over 3,000 followers which reflects how I was able to apply my knowledge in systematized ways!